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Welcome to the online home of Jeremy Foley, that's me, I Direct short films/music videos/webisodes. If you have a project and think to yourself, "hey we need somebody to direct this" - I am that somebody.



It's finally here, my latest and greatest short film "FATED" is complete and I'm excited to share it. In the coming weeks I'll be posting more info on the film and where it can be viewed - also check out my blog for more updates and details.


This is it, in the next two weeks we'll be putting the final touches on our latest short film "FATED" - home stretch, check out the Teaser.


Cool, my webseries has it's third official selection to the 2013 Hollyshorts Film Festival! This festival is alway a blast and is the one we look forward to all year long. We're going to be playing Wednesday August 21. I'll post more info on my blog and Social page.


Hey, this is cool! My music video "Ordinary Girl" by Stu Stone is starting to hit the festivals and we just received our first Official Selection from the LA INDIE Film Festival - we're playing March 14 on opening night. Should be a good time. I'll post more pictures and details in my SOCIAL section. Here's a link to their site:


Ok so I finished shooting another show "The Mamaluke" and it went great, it was a long 4 days but we did it, get more details on here as it gets closer!


Pre-production for another shoot soon, more details shortly.


I recently did an interview about the web series "Mobsters" with IFQ (Independent Film Quarterly Magazine) you can see it by CLICKING HERE

I'm excited to announce that I just won Best Director of a New Media/Webisode at the 2011 ITN Film & New Media Festival!

And Mobsters Episdoe 5 also took home the Audience Choice award for Best Webisode, thanks to the cast & crew for making it possible!
You can check it out here

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FATED (Teaser)